Friday, May 6, 2011

Gmail says :UR sending mail to the wrong guy!!

Starting today you would never miss out someone special when you
send mails . Gmail adds two new features into Gmail  "Don't Forget Bob"
and "Got the Wrong Bob" ,don't go by the names this are the two super
cool features integrated into gmail .

"Don't Forget Bob "

Many times while sending group email invitations we miss out important
persons unknowingly and have faced embrassing situations due to this .
For instance my friend Prashant forgot to include his dear friend Satish
in his email birthday invitation .To avoid such situations gmail introduced
this feature which prompts you to include "Satish" in your mailing list .
Gmail provides this suggestions based on past mailing habits .

"Got the wrong Bob"

This prevents you from sending mail to the wrong person .Suppose you are
sending mail to a group of friends regarding the weekend trip you are going
to make . By mistake you include Bob(your boss) instead of Bobby(your friend)
Gmail provides you suggestions Did you mean Bobby ? which helps you
rectify it and prevent you from the dilemma .