Friday, May 6, 2011

Export My Maps into KML file

     I have been searching for a while on how to use My Maps
Options on a Google Maps Application . Finally after hours
of trying out all the different things on the net I have come up
with a simple and easy solution to this .

In My Maps section create your personal Google Map . For
demo purposes I have created a Google Map which shows
two shapes 1)Triangle 2) Squares in My Maps and have
given each of them a title . Once you have created your
My Map  save it  and  give it a name .

My Map

    The next step is to Export the My Map you have created into a
KML format .For that Click on the Link Option on Google Maps.
Now you will be shown two options
a)Paste link in email or IM

b)Paste HTML to embed in website

Choose the first option and copy the url into a text file .
Embed output=kml at the end of the url .Your KML
URL should like this,73.031616&spn=0.354719,0.672226&z=11&output=kml

If you want to download the KML file to be saved on your webserver
for other purposes , all you have to do is copy & paste this url into your
web browser(Mozilla or Chrome recommended) and the kml file will
get automatically downloaded to your personal computer .


I was searching for last 3 hours and finally got your post. it is really helpful.