Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Save The Date: Wedding Digital Technology

Found something cool and decided to blog on it. So this is how the future looks , tech enabled wedding.

Just forget about the thousand queries you need to answer to all your friends and relatives on the wedding, the bot will do all this for you. Right from reminding the date to travel planing to collecting all your candid marriage pics, this is the one stop destination for your wedding planning.

You not only save time but also delight your friends with your tech savviness.  A small draft I received from the Save The Date team on what all features it has

“Wedding” a most important, precious moment in our lives? So why not wedding invitation reflect the same.
The coolest wedding invitation is hear!
Save your Precious Time and Money with this coolest form of wedding invitation.
Let your wedding invitation, creat a lifelong memory! Get your chat based wedding invitation now!
From the design of our wedding invites, to its printing, to not missing out on any name that we want to be a part of our special moment, travelling and visiting their places, we got lot on our plates. Finding time and peace of mind to do all this, is more like finding needle in haystack. The trouble of multitasking and managing everything is unimaginable.
The saviour in the midst of all this hassle, became “Save The Date ChatBot”
“Save The Date ChatBot” is hasslefree, imaginative, inventive yet eco-friendly invention which helps to spare opportunity and cash, in this bustling calendar of ours! It does all the hard work for us, smartly with the help of messenger and sends invites on our behalf, to each and every guest of ours. Also, benefits in numerous ways by saving our time, printing and traveling cost and also it is eco-friendly, which serves the social and environmental cause of helping the society.
“Save the date chatbot” has been so beneficial, it helped me invite friends from different time zones. Its user friendliness helped guests locate address, by sharing exact location and address, avoiding any reasons of confusion. Personalized and custom made feature enables to share the magical tale of our story to the friends long lost in time. Artificial Intelligence powered program helped to tell them the story of how I found my soul-mate, exactly the way I wanted to, over the Facebook messenger.
“Save the date ChatBot” works in a very simple way. It shares the information with guests in an interactive and personalized way, about all the details of our special day like 'Wedding Date and Time', 'Wedding Venue' and our Picture and Video gallery. In the end, it takes a confirmation of their presence and we get the rundown of all the confirmed attendees over email.
Utilizing, “Save the date ChatBot” one will likewise, be perceived as a cutting edge man,who is a part of advanced technology in India. Also one will be supporting and contributing, to the possibility of new innovative business in the development of specialized India.
To see, how this truly works go check their website: www.savethedatechatbot.com
And ,dont forget to check demo: http://m.me/savethedatechatbot
And also find what's the latest happening from their other social media handles as“savethedatechatbot”

So next time to plan something big for you wedding Remember to SaveTheDate