Thursday, May 5, 2011

Man Behind Google Map Marker .. the PIN you see on Maps ??

Google Map Marker or the small PIN we see on Google Maps when
we search for a place . The small tiny red colored oval marker that fits
so well in the Google Maps .

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Who Invented Google Map Marker or Google Map Pin??

Ji Lee the ex Creative Head Of Google was the man behind this creative
oval shaped Google Marker . Google initially came up with many
different pointers like circles, squares small sphere , but all of these
overlays didn't create the charm that the pin shaped 45 degree pointer
created .

Who is Ji Lee ?

Born in Seoul, Korea, and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, Ji Lee studied
design at Parsons School of Design . Ji Lee is currently working as the
Creative Director For Facebook after his exit from Google . Ji LEE is
also the man behind the famous Google Bubble Project which spreaded
 like a virus in the New York City .