Thursday, May 5, 2011

Create your first Android App , You donot need to be a programmer for that !!!!!!

Google Labs comes up with another invention & this one
I bet you is gonna be a super hit !!!
Google App Inventor (Beta) is an Android app maker which
lets you create your own Android apps & that too on a browser ,
and best thing about it is that you donot need to be
a programmer for that !!!!!

So lets get started  

Computer Requirements
1 . You need to have java 6 installed on your computer .
You can download the  latest jdk  from .

2.Install the App Inventor Setup 
    a) For Windows users you can download it from AppInventor.
    b) After the installation of app inventor it may ask for the location 
          of the software , if it does so  then specify it as 
           C:\Program Files\Appinventor\commands-for-Appinventor  
           because this is where the adb.exe file is located .
    c)    Once you are done with this please login using your 
             google account to         
            Click on My Projects and now you are ready to create 
            your first app .

3) Building my first App  

  Click on New , Give a name to your project . Oki Lets 
  name it MyHome .
   MyHome:- Its a simple app in which you have pics of 
   your family member ,when you click on the pic a call is 
   established  to the family member .
       So first you decide what your screen should look like .
       For that we will be using Labels & Buttons .
       On the left hand side of your browser you have Basic List
       From that select the Components Button and drag & drop it
       on to the screen .Next add a Label to the screen .

       In my MyHome App I have included four buttons for 4 family
       members & a label for each of them .       
    Step3 :
        Set the Label text properties to the text of 
        of your choice  .


          Label1:     Mother 
          Label2:     Father
          Label3:     Brother
          Label4:     Sister 

           Step 4: 
           Your screen should look like this now .
           Once done with this,the next step is to set the 
           properties of the Button .Clear the text properties
           of the button .To set the Image Properties : Click 
           on Image on the Properties box and upload the 
           image of your choice .Your screen should look 
           like this now .

         Step 5 :

            You need to establish a call when you click on the pic for that 
            you need to add the phone component .The Phone component 
            is available in the  Social  Tab of the Pallete .Choose the Phone
            Call Component and drop down it to the Screen .
            We have four members & so we will be using four phone call 
            components .
        Step6 :

             Set the Phone Call Properties .
             Enter the phone nos in each of the phone call component with the
             nos of the corresponding members .
             So this ends up the Design of your App . 
             Now the next step is to build the Application Logic .  

             On your browser click on the Open Block Editor Button . 
             A file will be downloaded(AppInventorForAndroidCodeblocks.jnlp)

             Double Click on the file and wait till the Block Editor opens , it may 
             take sometime though around 30-50 secs .

             Once the block editor is open the next step is to connect it with
             a device .If you are using a emulator click on New Emulator&
             select a emulator .Now click on Connect to the Device button &
             wait till the device is connected .
         Step 7 .

              Select Button1 on My Blocks Editor .
              From the list of options select the Onclick block .

          Step 8

             Select Phone Call on My Blocks Editor
             Form the list of options select the   MakePhoneCall Block

           Repeat this step for each of the buttons .
             So finally you are done with the application logic  & you can
             download it to your Android Phone or computer to use .

             If you want to emulate it in an emulator then you will have
             to install it on your computer .
             Download the app you have created :- For that next to the
             Open Block Editor Button you have one more button that
             gives to the option of downloading it to the computer .
              For trying your app on a emulator :
             1. Download the app and place the app in the folder         
               C:\Program Files\Appinventor\commands-for-Appinventor    
              2. Open the cmd prompt on your computer .
                Make the root directory of cmd prompt as
                cd  C:\Program Files\Appinventor\commands-for-Appinventor    
               3. Install the apk file my running the command 
                adb install MyHome.apk 
            So you have finally installed  the apk file & now you can 
            view your working MyHome app on your emulator !!!!!!
    If you still have any problems creating  your first app , please do 


After developing the app withthe Appinventor (in a browser)how do you download it to your mobile and then take it around...mine works only when connected with a cable.
pls help.